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Sweatshirt Universal Language Navy

Sweatshirt Universal Language Navy

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We all speak the same language when it comes to mental health and kindness. That language is mental health with our limited edition "Kindology is a Universal Language" sweatshirt.

This sweatshirt is made of 100% organic cotton and can be washed in cold water.
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Made to last forever

We produce all Kindology pieces with quality and sustainable materials, so they last forever. Your Kindology piece doesn't just belong to you - it belongs to the world. We ask you, therefore, to keep it and, when you no longer want it, make sure you offer it to someone who will keep it in the same way.


This garment is produced exclusively with organic cotton and ecological ink, without chemicals.


After buying your garment, we will then produce and ship it within 15 days, ensuring maximum efficiency and minimal impact on the environment. We opted for packaging made exclusively from recycled materials and selected a supplier that has committed to planting the number of trees corresponding to the impact produced by the production of our packaging.

We are on a mission to bring mental health to everyone.

Everytime you book an appointment or buy a product you are funding mental health treatments to someone who cannot afford it.

We are a community from people to people. We are Kindologists.

At Kindology, we are focused on contributing to a community of people who want to feel good, who speak openly about health issues, life issues and who together gain the strength and energy to move on.

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